Finally achieved my 10 000th regular credit sale at Istock!

Took me a few years, but I finally achieved the gold canister. I guess I’m doing fine… many people are reporting dropping sales, but mine are relatively stable – and hopefully will start growing again soon. Anyhow, huge thanks to all of you who support and use my work, and to all of my fellow photogs, ADs, my teachers (and students) at Marsan College of photography, everyone who posed and acted for me for one or many shoots, sometimes in the strangest conditions, and to the wonderful people at Istock and Getty Images whom I’ve met all over the world these past few years and who have taught me so much. I feel very lucky to be able to do this line of work which I love, so thanks also to Benoît without whom I would certainly not be where I am today. And here’s to many more years of making better and better photographs (and videos – watch out for this new 2015 line of production!).

Here’s one of the stock images that pushed me over that milestone today. It was shot at the City Beautiful 4 event last year in Orlando, organized by the wonderful Evelyn Peyton, and features the most amazing 6 year old girl I’ve ever worked with. Great talent and a lovely personality. Winning combo!

A reminder of where you can buy / download / license my photographs:

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Again thank you all for your continued support. Let’s celebrate!



My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #48: Two teenage girls on campus filming funny scene with smart phone

Teenage girls at school taking a photograph with phone
Teenage girls at school taking a photograph with phone

LogoBUYlogoISON Link to Getty Images

Uploaded: August 2013
Collection: Vetta

So I did this amazing shoot last Summer for the Back to School period, and uploaded just a few to see how they’d do. Well they completely failed to get any interest on Istock. So I moved on to other things. Luckily for me, this one was selected for Vetta and enjoyed an auspicious beginning on Getty Images. Enough so that it made #43 on this top earning images list and gives me hope for the rest of the shoot which I will work on next June. Oh and if you’re wondering about the scene going on here, I had my friend Martine Doucet, the actual mother of one of these two models, kidding around in front of the girls. It worked perfectly.

My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #54: Young entrepreneur pondering information

Stock Image: Young entrepreneur pondering information
Stock Image: Young entrepreneur pondering information

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Uploaded: February 2013
Collection: Sig+ / E+

This is a sentimental shoot for me as it was the first in our new home. This is is the dining area with the front door in the background. Jonathan was doing his first shoot with me and I wanted to stage a student at home scene. But on this one, he looked so much in charge that I sold it as a young entrepreneur instead. I almost didn’t put it up because of the odd jaw positioning, but in the end I thought it made him look even more concentrated, so I uploaded it anyways. Not a big seller in numbers by any means, like all files I sent in 2013, but a couple of large sales at Getty placed it here. I hope I get to work with him again someday.

You can view all the files I did with him in this lightbox.