Finally achieved my 10 000th regular credit sale at Istock!

Took me a few years, but I finally achieved the gold canister. I guess I’m doing fine… many people are reporting dropping sales, but mine are relatively stable – and hopefully will start growing again soon. Anyhow, huge thanks to all of you who support and use my work, and to all of my fellow photogs, ADs, my teachers (and students) at Marsan College of photography, everyone who posed and acted for me for one or many shoots, sometimes in the strangest conditions, and to the wonderful people at Istock and Getty Images whom I’ve met all over the world these past few years and who have taught me so much. I feel very lucky to be able to do this line of work which I love, so thanks also to Benoît without whom I would certainly not be where I am today. And here’s to many more years of making better and better photographs (and videos – watch out for this new 2015 line of production!).

Here’s one of the stock images that pushed me over that milestone today. It was shot at the City Beautiful 4 event last year in Orlando, organized by the wonderful Evelyn Peyton, and features the most amazing 6 year old girl I’ve ever worked with. Great talent and a lovely personality. Winning combo!

A reminder of where you can buy / download / license my photographs:

Getty Images


Again thank you all for your continued support. Let’s celebrate!



Revamping my Photoshelter site

Ok, so I really slacked off on this one. Many apologies. One of my goals in 2014 was to get to 5000 images available on Istock, a feat that will be completed next week. Yay me! Send me many congratulations and pats on the back! But one of the things that happened to meet this goal was that I stopped using lightroom to sort out my keywords, a step that was taking way too time consuming and so easily bypassed by copying then altering keywords from similar images already uploaded with the brilliant Deepmeta tool for Istock contributors. And another is that I stopped updating my Photoshelter site which was also time consuming… and, I admit, boring as hell. And also, looking at google analytics, I found out that a lot of the traffic were people looking for porn, and not designers and ADs looking for the right photograph, which is what I had hoped for initially. So I took a break. Didn’t seem like a good investment in time nor money.

But then people left and right mentioned the site over the past year as their favorite place to look at my work. And just recently, IStock announced that they would be removing our linked banners and images from the photo close-up pages in the not too distant future. Ouch.  So… Yup, the Photoshelter  and similar personal mirroring sites, might end up being the only place left for a customer to view shoot-related images in one place easily. And so I have to do a revamp and upload the zounds of images I produced last year. Deep breath…

One of this I’ll do this time is completely separate the images by shooting themes, markets and models, to enable an easier fruitful experience for the customers. Links to Istock are provided in the information of each image, as always, if you view them at their own page. If you’re in the fancy animation section, you’ll have to copy paste the link in your browser manually because, somehow, Photoshelter never got to activate links in those spaces.

So today I did the work on a hundred images – all from the Orlando City Beautiful 4 event last February – split into these stock photography galleries (click on the text to view the gallery, and on the image to buy it on Istock):

Lifestyles: Two friends registering at hotel

Lifestyles: African American family’s Christmas

Lifestyles: Dad and kids dress up for St. Patrick’s day and Halloween

Lifestyles: African American Mother’s day gift exchange and portraits

Lifestyles: Children at the gym

 (sorry no images of this one: fail on all images from the Getty Watermark tool. Sigh.)

Lifestyles: At the movies

Lifestyles: Senior man’s birthday party

Lifestyles: Pregnant African American couple

Now, some of these collections have just a very few images. They were shot at the kind of event where we get only a few minutes with the models, and we have to think of a concept, set up the lights, direct and shoot at lightning speed, often resulting in short, but delightfully spontaneous, series. I love that kind of event. This one was fantastic, even though most of the images were uploaded at the worst possible time (ultra low Sig+ acceptance rate and a search engine that killed most new images on arrival) and as a result underperformed badly.  Perhaps the exposure on Photoshelter will give them new life. One can hope…

My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #42: All Female Swiss farmer family leading cows to fair

Stock Image: All Female Swiss farming family leading cows to fair
Stock Image: All Female Swiss farming family leading cows to fair

LogoBUYlogoISON Link to Getty Images

Uploaded: November 2012
Collection: Vetta

As some of you may remember, I spent 10 days in Switzerland last year and shot some very nice real people doing real things portraits, along with stunning landscapes. I uploaded nearly 200 photos from the trip in late 2012 and August 2013. Three made my top 50 best earners, although with Getty numbers for November and December still up in the air, there might be more when the list is set in stone. This one was in the first batch and it made Vetta through inspectors. It really is one of the nicest – lovely expressions, miraculous lighting and a great sense of place and story. Of course, it never sold on Istock – don’t get me started on statistical interpretations, let’s just say it lost on the timing roulette. Luckily, it did get some good revenues from Getty, hence its rank. You can get to know more of the shoot back story in this post. There is also this alternate take that I wrote about previously.

To view all of my Switzerland photographs, look at this lightbox.

My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #48: Two teenage girls on campus filming funny scene with smart phone

Teenage girls at school taking a photograph with phone
Teenage girls at school taking a photograph with phone

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Uploaded: August 2013
Collection: Vetta

So I did this amazing shoot last Summer for the Back to School period, and uploaded just a few to see how they’d do. Well they completely failed to get any interest on Istock. So I moved on to other things. Luckily for me, this one was selected for Vetta and enjoyed an auspicious beginning on Getty Images. Enough so that it made #43 on this top earning images list and gives me hope for the rest of the shoot which I will work on next June. Oh and if you’re wondering about the scene going on here, I had my friend Martine Doucet, the actual mother of one of these two models, kidding around in front of the girls. It worked perfectly.

Featured Stock Photo – Children photographer at work

Stock Photo: Children photographer at work outdoors
Stock Photo: Children photographer at work outdoors


This one just sold this morning for the first time and I’m quite glad to feature it here as it shows two good friends at work during the Orlando Minilypse last winter. The tall guy on the left holding the reflector is Adrian, from Switzerland, who came to Florida partly to have a good time with me and Lorraine (who’s the photographer and the resulting photo is here)… and the plan worked. We had a great time on the shoots, at a bar and we even played a couple of great runs of minigolf – and incredibly I won both runs. We laughed so much. Great times. Can’t wait to see them again. Adrian recently spent two months on a deserted island near Fiji just for the heck of it and is making a movie about it. I’ll link it when it comes out. Lorraine is about to leave for the UK for a Month and I’m sure she’ll be flabbergasted by the sights. As for me, I’m leaving for Paris tomorrow, so there will not be an update on this blog for a week since all my laptops have decided to blow up at the same time. Have a great week everyone!

Featured Stock Photo – Candid shot of a Swiss Family Ready for the Fall Festival

Stock Photo - Candid shot of a Swiss Family Ready for the Fall Festival
Stock Photo – Candid shot of a Swiss Family Ready for the Fall Festival

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For those who don’t follow my New Uploads Gallery on Photoshelter, you may not have noticed, but I’ve been uploading the second half of my images shot last fall in Switzerland during the Fall agricultural fair in Lenk. This shot was freshly uploaded last week and sold today – candid is in! This is lifted from a series that was so much fun to do. We all had access to a dairy farm where farmers were decorating cows for the festival, and then had the chance to photograph them as they lead their livestock down the mountain to the village. This necessitated repeatedly running ahead of the family and their cattle to shoot them as we were instructed never to be behind the cows. Everyone was dressed in traditional Swiss clothing and the girls were pretty amused at having a dozen photogs running back and forth to immortalize the proceedings.

You can view all the photographs currently available from my Switzerland adventures in this Photoshelter Gallery or directly in this Istockphoto lightbox.

Featured Stock Photograph – Candid moment between a preteen girl and her nanny playing card tricks

Featured Stock Photograph - Candid moment between a preteen girl and her nanny playing card tricks
Featured Stock Photograph – Candid moment between a preteen girl and her nanny playing card tricks

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Another one from Orlando. This one is more of a candid moment, something most stock photogs are after since all the agencies are asking for them. I initially set the models to try and build a pyramid with cards, but these were brand new good quality plastic cards, so slippery that they just couldn’t build one. So they started throwing the cards at each other and I kept them going to catch a moment like this. The flash didn’t fire on this shot… luckily: the natural light is beautiful!

I’m still awaiting a first sale. Go check my Orlando Minilypse lightbox on Istock. New shots are added daily. Perhaps there’s something for you there right now… 🙂