New Stock Images – An afternoon at Seririt food market

A year ago, I left the cold late February of my beloved Montreal to depart on a great adventure – I knew I had to be in LA in early March and Tokyo in mid May, but in between was wide open. My friend Adrian invited me to Bali, where he was staying for the Winter, and so I decided to fill the time gap by investing in a 10 weeks photo trip through South-east Asia. It started in Bali, then I hopped to Java, had a short stop in Kuala Lumpur, then spent some time in Vietnam, South Korea and landed in Tokyo. There are no words to convey how brilliant, eye opening, heart lightening and overall wonderful this experience has been. Oh and of course productive. Through my several encounters, many discovery trips and lucky finds, I came back home with close to 15000 images and clips to edit, or, in other words, add to my already heavy back catalog of images to submit. It’s now been 9 months since my return and I’ve managed to retouch and submit 820 images of this journey – which is about two fifth of what should be the final number of available photographs.

So time to present a few of these amazing series. Here’s one. While I stayed in Bali, we would enjoy the great food that Uni cooked for us and one day, wanting to know the source of these delights, she took us to the Seririt food market. In the smoldering heat and humidity, we discovered heaps of colorful food ingredients, various items of clothing and more than one luminously happy faces. Uni introduced us to many of the vendors who allowed us to take their photos while working. The food looked so fresh and good, vibrant colors, gorgeous spices and fruits. I don’t know exactly what it is with Asian food markets, but it makes the return to our cold, huge – dead in a way- supermarkets particularly difficult. Here’s a sample of these images. You can view this series either by itself on Photoshelter (with links to purchase on Istock) or amidst my other Indonesian images directly on Istock.

These are all unreleased, so only available for editorial use.


A. © 2015 Nicolas McComber – Available for editorial RF licensing at Istock 

B. © 2015 Nicolas McComber – Available for editorial RF licensing at Istock 

C. © 2015 Nicolas McComber – Available for editorial RF licensing at Istock

D. © 2015 Nicolas McComber – Available for editorial RF licensing at Istock


New Stock Images – American musician couple in Brooklyn

Part two of my New York City  images shot last Fall during a Getty Image event. This one was shot at the same time and venue as Tia’s shoot and featured a real life couple of NYC artists – they’re musicians, actors, dancers, models and are looking great. I had approached them before leaving Montreal and unfortunately they couldn’t make the date I had in mind for an Astoria shoot. So I booked them for the Brooklyn one instead and it worked out great since Lorraine and Juan were with me and we could share.

I had asked them to bring something they would like to be pictured with and they brought a mandolin! Along with their styling there was something really American about this, so I decided to kind of de-contextualize the images by shooting in front of the gorgeous sky and sunset and then in the alleyway. I really liked the softness of the light in these last few shots (A. is an example) and left out my current flashy-composited-color-infused-light-bomb-is-that-Vaseline-on-the-lens-give-me-that-sig+-I’ll-never-make-10k-images-at-this-rate post processing routine to preserve the intimate mood. Sure enough,  only A. and another from that set were selected to be on Getty. Still some of my favorite shots. Oh and I totally submitted D. as an afterthought – the image is totally out of focus and the model’s faces completely washed out by that humongous lens flare, but I thought the dreamy factor played really well with the action and since anonymity has a definite allure in stock, I thought hey, why not? Sure enough it not only made Sig+ but also is pulling ahead as one of the best sellers in the series.

You can view the whole series in this lightbox or this Photoshelter Gallery . Enjoy!


A. © 2015 Nicolas McComber – Available for RF licensing at Istock and Getty Images

B. © 2015 Nicolas McComber – Available for RF licensing at Istock and Getty Images

C. © 2015 Nicolas McComber – Available for RF licensing at Istock and Getty Images

D. © 2015 Nicolas McComber – Available for RF licensing at Istock and Getty Images

E. © 2015 Nicolas McComber – Available for RF licensing at Istock and Getty Images

Introducing new stock image gallery: Tokyo

Ok so first: I’m still very much active and hard at work uploading new work every day. Much less on this blog, I must admit, but amidst the numerous changes on the Istock website, and in my personal life, I have decided to focus on uploading and less on marketing. But here’s a new resolution: every Thursday I will update both my Photoshelter mirror site with new series and this blog to talk a bit about them.

This Spring, I made a long trip that filled me with tons of extraordinary moments, meaningful encounters, good times, spiritual awakenings and overall fantastic-way-beyond-anything-I-ever-imagined awesomeness.  (and about 16k files of great materiel to edit of course). Book-ended by two Getty Images-sponsored Istockalypses (Los Angeles in early March and Tokyo in mid May), this  adventure took me on a quick road trip through Central California, then on to a month in Indonesia (mostly in the Bali area but also briefly in Yogyakarta), then Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi and Halong bay (Vietnam), Seoul, a small Zen temple in Central Korea, Busan and Tokyo. So all of these will be on my slate for release in the next 4 months.

I concurrently work on older shoots in order to close chapters and, ahem, clear my main hard drives. So peppered through these Asian images, you will see more of Switzerland (almost done!) and then on to my two minilypses in Florida, some more of Hong Kong, final images from the cowboy and aliens event in Montana, extended availability of successful model shoots (such as my excursion with four models through London last Fall or my lone Black office worker walkabout in Montreal) and another batch of Istanbul photographs.

So without further ado, the first collection are images from the City of Tokyo. You can view the images pertaining to the city (mostly tourism) on my Photoshelter site (with links to purchases licenses on Istock, as always) or directly on Istock. The latter lightbox also includes the images shot with models, while the Photoshelter site is divided thematically, with model images in their own collection.

So Tokyo was the last stop of my 3 months trip. I did start to feel a sense of fatigue by then, but I still held on and visited this fantastic city, shooting streets, inspiring architecture, backgrounds and of course some great people. I was so full of immense gratitude by then – I guess that would be the thematic emotion of this whole adventure. Gratitude to be there, to live this and to be part of this amazing world in these fascinating times.

My guesthouse was in the Shinjuku area, so expect many images from there, and also from Asakusa, Odeiba and Shibuya as well as short detours to some of the city’s landmark buildings. Here are a few favorites:

More later.. Enjoy!

Back online and blogging for 2015!

Many of you may have noticed my absence from this blog for the second half of 2014. Well I’m back. I’ve been through a whirlwind of activity: shooting, post processing, traveling, adjusting to my new single life, dealing with a lot of stress, packing, moving, getting back in touch with old (and new) friends and family, learning to recover lost energy, and getting back in shape. I’m quite happy with my uploading at Istock during these tumultuous times, and for keeping my head together long enough to shoot good material while attending the Istanbul Istockalypse in the middle of all this. As 2015 begins, I wish everyone a great year, full of revelations, clarity, good energy, creativity, opportunity and above all, the ability to give and receive love without fear.

My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #26: Holstein Cows in Wales

Stock Image: Holstein Cows in Wales
Stock Image: Holstein Cows in Wales

LogoBUYlogoISON Link to Getty Images

Uploaded: October 2011
Collection: Sig+ / E+

My best selling image from my fantastic 2011 road trip in the UK. Shot next to a one lane side road in North Wales, I spotted the herd and had Ben stop the car so I could grab a shot. I had to run back quite a ways and find a small breach in a rock wall to frame this. I felt a bit uneasy when all of a sudden all the cows turned to me and stared. I’m so not used to all this attention! It made for a memorable shot though.

You can view all my photos from the UK in this lightbox.

My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #31: Winter Quebec City Skyline on Christmas Eve

Stock Photograph: Old Quebec City on a Winter Night
Stock Photograph: Old Quebec City on a Winter Night

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Uploaded: December 2011
Collection: Sig+ /E+

This one is more than likely to keep moving up before the finalized top 50 emerges in late January, as it is in full sales season right now. Shot on Christmas Eve 2011 on a quick stop to visit my mom, I was really fortunate to find the view and the weather to achieve this. I love how festive the colors are, and how it resonates with history and tradition. It must be because we sometimes stopped in Quebec City on our way to celebrate in Montreal with the extended families when I was a kid, growing up in the Saguenay area. So I do have a sense of nostalgia when I look at this. Performance-wise, it took almost a year a half to get to 10 DL on Istock, and but now that it did, it looks like it will be a more stable seasonal seller for me. It hasn’t sold on Getty yet, but maybe it will before the year is over.

You can view my work shot in La Belle Province (Quebec) in this lightbox.

My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #33: Four young friends having fun at a Berlin Café

Stock Image: Four  young friends having fun at a Berlin Café
Stock Image: Four young friends having fun at a Berlin Café

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Uploaded: June 2012
Collection: Vetta

One of my first images uploaded upon my return from the 2012 Berlin Istockalypse. I don’t know exactly what story the models decided to develop here (I was far away with my long lens during one of the walkabouts and didn’t get to really direct the models until later that morning), but it made this scene work. It looks genuine, candid and fun. One of many during this outing. I put a heavy hand in post processing (I think I had 12 filters in my Nik recipe to do this) as I really wanted to break that Vetta barrier and felt I needed to lay on layers upon layers of special effects to achieve that because the lighting was so drab that day… Well it did land in Vetta, and then sold at both agencies, so I guess I did a proper job.

You can view all of my lifestyle photographs shot in Berlin in this lightbox.