My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #11: Fried Chicken Leg

Embed from Getty Images

Uploaded: March 2011
Collection: Sig+ / E+
Also available on IStock

Today I’m trying the new embed feature from Getty Images. Apparently this measure was made in response to piracy – bloggers/pinteresters/facebookers seem to steal images to put on their social networking pages. So Getty decided to give access to most of their catalog for free with this embedding technique. Of course it’s just for private use with this very small size – if you want larger, or tu use it commercially,  follow the link (click on the image) and buy a proper license. Will this work? One can hope. It’s simple enough to go around it if you want the image without the link, but please don’t. We’re making a living out of these images. Don’t steal them. Embed them.  Istock is probably not far behind: their removal of Extra-Small size last month seem to point that this is in the works also for their site. God, I hope this works out.

This said, apologies for slacking off on the blog: I’ve uploaded several hundreds images last month, which is a lot as I operate alone. You’re welcome to see them and buy them in my portfolio. I just want to be done with my back catalog before Summer. And I have a lot to go through.

So hmm back to this list. New work will follow after I’m done. I promise. Number 11 is this not very instagramesque food shot (we’ve been told to shoot food as if using instagram), photographed in my old home studio. I did a series in, like, 30 minutes upon coming back from the take-out restaurant, just to try and reimburse the cost of the meal. Little did I know that I would end up making a very nice profit, mainly with this photograph and this one, which has been quite a hit at the subscription site Thinkstock. I haven’t done a lot of food photography since, being more attracted by learning how to properly shoot lifestyle images. I have no solid plan to shoot more this year, although I did put a quick shot of a raw beef brisket meat cut last week, since there was none available on IStock.

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