My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #12: Now she gets it

Stock Image: Now she gets it
Stock Image: Now she gets it

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Uploaded: December 2010
Collection: Sig+ /E+

This was shot during the Sutton-a-lypse in 2010, completely unplanned. As I arrived in the room with the model, I spotted this old phonograph and just got hit with this image, so I placed the model, gave her instructions, and lit the scene and shot it, along with a few variations. Years later it still sells and is probably one of the best concept shots I have. It can be read and used in so many ways… I don’t do a lot of concept photography. Maybe it will come more naturally to me eventually as I master other areas and keep growing. For now, I’m polishing composition, simplicity and finding that sweet spot between eye-catching and over-processed. Funny how this one nails all of these points. I guess I have it in me somewhere.


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