My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #22: Unsafe ladder at work

Stock Image: Unsafe ladder at work
Stock Image: Unsafe ladder at work

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Uploaded: April 2013
Collection: Sig+ / E+

Boy, am I happy she didn’t fall. That’s a wide angle shot, so yeah I was right underneath a few inches away. So what’s the story behind this one? Wellllll, this was shot during the Berlin Istockalypse in 2012. The last shoot of the day. I had slept barely an hour the night before and I was completely brain dead at this point. So as I walked into the room, I had 5 minutes to come up with something, and after I’d shot the room, I looked around, and all my ideas were pretty lame. So I stole a look at one of the art directors’ wish list and saw the word “safety”, turned around, saw a ladder, boxes high up on shelves, and a real-looking model that didn’t look as if she’d cartwheel her way to a pageant victory. So I put all of it together, had quite an altercation with the assistant who did not believe that this would work out and then shot it anyways. I think it works, don’t you? Perhaps I could have done something more commercial, but I was so out of it by then that I’m just happy I got this.

You can view all my photos from the Berlin Istockalypse in this lightbox.


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