My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #23: Applying barbecue sauce to back ribs

Stock Image: Applying barbecue sauce to ribs
Stock Image: Applying barbecue sauce to ribs


Uploaded: August 2009
Collection: Sig+

This one almost doubled its gross this year, although it has been online and successful for 3 years prior. It just shows what higher prices and higher commissions will do to improve income. When I was making this blog-sized version today, I was quite pleasantly surprised to see it in its full sized glory (I mostly work with thumbnails after the shots are uploaded online, so I don’t often see them in full size after editing)- it’s got vibrant colors, is appetizing and over all well done, hence its longevity. Yes, the brush is full of sauce. I toyed with the idea of cleaning it up, but then I thought it was better this way, adding to the delicious messiness of the scene.

Since this shoot, I’ve dabbled with different ways of making back ribs, and my favorite is now a dry rub. No more messiness. Maybe I’ll shoot it next summer.

You can view my work relating with food in this lightbox.


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