My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #32: Roller Coaster

Stock Image: Roller Coaster
Stock Image: Roller Coaster


Uploaded: March 2009
Collection: Sig+

The rare thing in this mix: a shot that made all its money this year on Istock exclusively. Simply because it never made it to Getty. Along the way, the connector never got to transfer this one along with some other older photos. Which is OK really, since the work sent to Getty arrives with the original upload time stamp, I doubt that a 4 year old grab shot of such a mundane subject with no relevance would do well there. But it’s done well again this year for me on IS, although on a much smaller scale than before if I look at sales numbers. But I said I wouldn’t. It made a nice income, and that’s all that matters. This is the kind of shot that did well in the past, but would bomb nowadays (and would have no chance on getting in the collections going to Getty), so I’ve stopped photographing simple things like that. I’m glad I did though, at the time. It’s a nice foundation to build on.


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