My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #30: Mixing Cream Cheese Cake Icing

Stock Image: Mixing Cream Cheese Cake Icing
Stock Image: Mixing Cream Cheese Cake Icing


Uploaded: April 2010
Collection: Sig+

The downside of doing this kind of countdown is realizing that some basic, impulsive photos are actually more successful than those glossy images I like to produce these days. I was putting together a carrot cake for Easter three years ago and decided to photograph the process of baking it. I was making it for real, so I didn’t spend any time styling the shots or shooting tons of duplicates with different settings. I just documented the process. On this specific image, I did position the mixer so it’d catch an interesting light and had some counter copy space, but that was the extent of it. I liked the way I framed the image at the time so I submitted it. It is by far the most successful image of the shoot. Perhaps should I re-do it with a cleaner instrument and a deeper depth of field? Nah. If it’s doing well, I’ll let it be. This one was snubbed by the connector and is available only on Istock.

You can view (and buy) my food-related stock work in this lightbox.

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