My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #41: Tired Black Man on Construction Site

Stock Images: Tired African Man on Construction Site
Stock Images: Tired African Man on Construction Site

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Uploaded: February 2012
Collection: Vetta

Here’s the first of 7 images made with this model that made this top 50 earners list for me. All of them are jut from two sessions I did with him, and judging by this solid success, I plan to work with him again in 2014. This is from a test shoot I did with him back in 2011 in my home studio. So yes, it’s a composite of two images: this one and a shot from this industrial loft background shoot, of which you’ll hear again before this list is over. I had just discovered Nik Software at the time and it seemed to me like a great tool to give a coherent finish to composites, and so I did a series with different models I had shot the year before, such as this one or this one. Many of them made Vetta, which at the time was wonderful news, as it gave me a sense of direction. I have done many composites since in this vein, the latest of which is this one designed and done during the 2013 London Istockalypse. Are they worth the time I put into them? Sometimes yes, but even if they fail to connect, they’re rewarding creatively and force me out of my zone of comfort, which by itself is reason enough to do them.

You can view all my work with Roody in this lightbox.


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