My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #40: Black businessman checking time in subway

Stock Image: Black businessman checking time in subway
Stock Image: Black businessman checking time in subway

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Uploaded: October 2012
Collection: Vetta

And here’s one from the second shoot I did with this awesome model in the streets (and subway) of Montreal. As you’ll see, the combo between this guy and a tablet is a winning combo. Did you know I got that tablet just for this shoot – along with several other props? That was one investment that really paid off. Now this specific shot works on a story level, there’s definitely something real happening here, and maybe it works because it wasn’t one of the firsts done so we could explore less obvious actions. I like the suspense in it… is he about to spill his coffee? I was actually nervous about that during this shot. Well he didn’t. Good thing he didn’t – I didn’t have backup clothing and this was my good shirt. Oh and yes, this is another one that made most of its earnings from Getty Images – but you get the jist by now, this is just the way things are with new material in the high end collections these days, so I’ll shut up about that.

You can view all my work with this model in this lightbox.


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