My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #42: All Female Swiss farmer family leading cows to fair

Stock Image: All Female Swiss farming family leading cows to fair
Stock Image: All Female Swiss farming family leading cows to fair

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Uploaded: November 2012
Collection: Vetta

As some of you may remember, I spent 10 days in Switzerland last year and shot some very nice real people doing real things portraits, along with stunning landscapes. I uploaded nearly 200 photos from the trip in late 2012 and August 2013. Three made my top 50 best earners, although with Getty numbers for November and December still up in the air, there might be more when the list is set in stone. This one was in the first batch and it made Vetta through inspectors. It really is one of the nicest – lovely expressions, miraculous lighting and a great sense of place and story. Of course, it never sold on Istock – don’t get me started on statistical interpretations, let’s just say it lost on the timing roulette. Luckily, it did get some good revenues from Getty, hence its rank. You can get to know more of the shoot back story in this post. There is also this alternate take that I wrote about previously.

To view all of my Switzerland photographs, look at this lightbox.


4 thoughts on “My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #42: All Female Swiss farmer family leading cows to fair

  1. This is called “Almabtrieb” and celebrated also in Austria.It’s when the farmers bring the cattle from the mountains, where they have spent the summer into the valleys for winter. How did you get all those model releases form these girls? Or was it a set up scene? And definitely magical light!

    1. Good to know! I’ll see if I can add that keyword to the scene! Thanks. About the scene: this was part of a minilypse for Istock, so all these farmers and their family had been released prior to the shoot. We actually were a dozen photographers running around them for the whole descent. It must have been pretty surreal for them, but they didn’t seem to mind. It was a fun and unique experience for me which I really enjoyed.

      1. I have no idea. The minilypses such as this one, are organized by local photographers inviting usually exclusive photographers to participate. The large ones, called Istockalypses are organized by Getty Images mainly for Istockers to participate. Since I don’t work with other agencies, I don’t know what’s done out there. But I would think the minilypse formula is used in other communities. They’re wonderful opportunities, to learn, grown, meet friends and colleagues and visit other countries / cultures.

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