My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images #52: Senior black woman relaxing by a tree

Senior black woman relaxing by a tree
Senior black woman relaxing by a tree

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Uploaded: March 2013
Collection: Sig+ / E+

This is the first and only photograph lifted from the 2012 Orlando minilypse that crawled its way up to this list. Yes I’m majorly disappointed in their performance, but I have to remind myself that they were uploaded during the worst possible time for new photographs: in the darkest pits of Best match search engine hell and a mere few weeks before the collection restructure and the massive appearance of the cheaper yet very relevant main collection. To think that they made the search engine all about relevance and yet had no measure in place to give relevance to new photos – which basically means that they were thrown in against millions of photos that had a relevance history without any major artificial push, just a very meak and volatile one. In short, they were invisible, dead on arrival, and only got very few sporadic sales over the year. What a waste. Are things better? Not really. My patterns show that new material enjoy a couple of sales early during their Newness push and then go into comatose mode until they reach enough sales (around 4 or 5) to show up in “Fresh Match” searches. Nothing really happens until they hit 10 sales and head on up in the big “Best Match” leagues. Which can take years in this climate.

Anywho, back to this photo. When I edited this shoot initially, it was to give 3 photos to the models as per the agreement to attend the Lypse. So I chose photographs that were good, classical portraits that the models would love. This is one of them for the lovely Jeanette, who was fantastic to work with. Another shot, which was sacrificed to the situation above and is in a deep coma since is this one. And the third is this colorfully serene ranch shot – that hasn’t sold at all. (fill this space with fuming expletives).

It was a difficult day to work – full on hot Florida sun and deep, harsh shadows everywhere. And so I went looking for shade. And I loved the shade pattern on this tree. So I carefully positioned Jeanette so her face would be in the light and directed her expression, which I wanted joyful but in a calm and serene fashion. I think she did great. Here is a detail showing her face:

Black woman enjoying the sun - detail
Black woman enjoying the sun – detail

Why a panoramic? Well it was a phase I was going through. I loved the effect of using long lenses in a panoramic way. There is just something fresh and beautiful about it. It’s a lot more work when processing them, but I was thinking that the designer can just crop the shot to suit her needs. The left side, filled with tree bark, can be used as a texture. The middle as a portrait and lifestyle image for retirement and satisfaction, and the right side as a background with a great boca and progressive lens blur. See? Three photos all rolled into one. Plus sometimes when designing for the web, you do need the panoramic format. So why not do a few?

All good intentions, thwarted by a search engine from hell in regards to new material. Sigh. Well perhaps putting it here will help it in finding its clientele. And perhaps it shall rise in 2014? Who knows?

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