My 2013 Top Earning Stock Images: Amorous senior couple embracing on couch

Amorous senior couple embracing on couch
Amorous senior couple embracing on couch

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Uploaded: September 2012
Collection: Vetta

Here’s one from the 2012 Berlin Istockalypse. That was a very successful event for me, much better on a strictly revenue standpoint than all the others event I’ve attended. This was shot after I had my 20 minutes with the family at the first shoot for full attendees. The two actors on the photograph came to me after we were done and offered to pose some more, so I had them sit on the sofa and talk about wonderful things. This is the wide version of this concept, and there is another closer crop version here. When I was editing the shoot, I hesitated for a second on this one because although the man looks warmly at the camera, the lady is lost in happy thoughts, creating a slightly confusing moment, but maybe that’s what makes it different and real. So I sent it anyways, thinking it looked candid enough, and it was accepted with flying colors, making Vetta, then appearing on Getty,.


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