Featured Stock Image – Gift Wrapping Table

Everything you need to wrap the best gifts
Everything you need to wrap the best gifts


I’m taking a break from my post-processing the new London series I did last month to do something I’ve neglected doing for far too long: holiday still life. For many stock photographers, Fall is the biggest time of the year – but not for me as Summer has always been my big season. Part of the situation is my lack of holiday images. I’m not big on holidays – they’ve become these big commercial stampedes and pressured environments that make the whole thing somewhat unpleasant. But, well, it’s part of the job. So this year I headed down to the stores in Cowansville and Sutton to buy a bunch of decorations and other festive elements. Ben helped me stage a few still life images in the studio (I hate doing that part so I was very happy to get some help). At the end of the day, these were quite fun to do, and I’ve got loads of ideas, so more will come – perhaps next Fall as we’re already late in the season. In the meantime, enjoy my holidays outpout in this new IStock lightbox:

Holidays stock images lightbox
Holidays stock images lightbox

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