Featured Stock Image – Couple of hairy gay mature cowboys

Stock Image - Couple of hairy gay mature cowboys
Stock Image – Couple of hairy gay mature cowboys

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“What are they doing over there? Oh? Some gay stuff? Oooh, hum.” I overheard the bulk of the models saying while doing a group shot on the street nearby during the minilypse in Orlando last Winter. They moved on while I turned to the two fantastic men posing for me. I’d found this great wooden fence by the side of the house and I thought it’d make an appropriate background for this shot and a few others. I’d gotten the guys to agree to do something a little more intimate – they were together at the time and willing, and since I too rarely cater to my demographics, I just got on the ground and directed them to give something suggestive, yet not overly erotic. It’s tricky when doing something like this in stock – I always have in mind where the photo can end up, and I just won’t shoot anything that could potentially be harmful to the model’s rep. Well, they were troopers and after this shoot, they’ve offered to do something more risqué over the Summer in Montreal, but that wasn’t to be. Anyhow, this shot sold again yesterday and coupled with its Getty Images sales revenue, is a contender for my most successful image from that event, which so far is this one, and hence, here it is. I have other images from this shoot, and will eventually release more when I come around to it, promise!

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