Featured Stock Image: Rear View of Notre-Dame-de-Paris

Stock Image: Rear View of Notre-Dame-de-Paris
Stock Image: Rear View of Notre-Dame-de-Paris


So this week I’ve been diligently working on my Paris photographs, and I’m almost done with my first day. This time around, I’m generally editing them in the order I originally shot them, so that it makes the process more interesting – the great one might be just around the corner. I usually start with my favorites and then gradually move down, but that makes for a more boring process on my end. So what did I shoot while in Paris? Well, my main concern was getting backgrounds for composites such as streets and textures, elements for designers such as street signs, neon signs, and other Parisian things of interest. I did also shoot the landmarks for the touristic market, such as this featured shot of Notre-Dame, The Eiffel tower, the Louvre, Montmartre and the other famous buildings and areas I came across, as well as some editorial unreleased shots of Parisians acting in their environment. I didn’t have have time to see it all, of course, but I didn’t waste any time and got all I could during my sojourn. The only thing I didn’t do are night shots – with jet lag and daily excursions of 10-12 hours I just didn’t find the energy. I’ll just have to go back to capture Paris at night!

Today’s featured photo is one of my favorite so far. It’s actually a panoramic stitch of 8 shots done with my 200mm lens. The detail is just astounding when looking full size. You ever detail of the stained glass windows and sculptures. Sue I couldn’t get quite the angle I wanted (there was a damn tree in the way), but it’s close enough. The color mapping, a mix of Google’s color efex and Florabella actions really makes the final punch.

I’m still awaiting my first sale from the trip, but I’ll post the shots here with little notes as soon as they do sell.

You can view my photos from this trip as they become available either on Photoshelter, or by clicking on this Istock lightbox:

Stock Photos from Paris
Stock Photos from Paris

4 thoughts on “Featured Stock Image: Rear View of Notre-Dame-de-Paris

    1. I’m not planning on it… going exclusive with IS was the best thing I’ve done so far in my stock endeavor. I’m hoping that eventually I can submit directly to Getty, simply because new photos have a much better chance of selling there then at IS, but otherwise I’m quite happy at IS.

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