Featured Stock Photo – Children photographer at work

Stock Photo: Children photographer at work outdoors
Stock Photo: Children photographer at work outdoors


This one just sold this morning for the first time and I’m quite glad to feature it here as it shows two good friends at work during the Orlando Minilypse last winter. The tall guy on the left holding the reflector is Adrian, from Switzerland, who came to Florida partly to have a good time with me and Lorraine (who’s the photographer and the resulting photo is here)… and the plan worked. We had a great time on the shoots, at a bar and we even played a couple of great runs of minigolf – and incredibly I won both runs. We laughed so much. Great times. Can’t wait to see them again. Adrian recently spent two months on a deserted island near Fiji just for the heck of it and is making a movie about it. I’ll link it when it comes out. Lorraine is about to leave for the UK for a Month and I’m sure she’ll be flabbergasted by the sights. As for me, I’m leaving for Paris tomorrow, so there will not be an update on this blog for a week since all my laptops have decided to blow up at the same time. Have a great week everyone!


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