I just made it to 3000 images on sale at Istockphoto!

Stock Photo - Autumn Alpine Landscape
Stock Photo – Autumn Alpine Landscape


Whew! It’s been a long road to this landmark. Let’s see. I started 5 years ago with minimal knowledge of the market, a solid experience in photography, an ok camera at the time, some Photoshop skills and just went for it. I started out with a shocking 35% acceptance rate, getting all kinds of technical rejections, mostly for artifacts and chromatic aberrations. Remember how tough these were to deal with before LR 4? Yeah. Ugh. Today I’m close to 85% acceptance. Much better. Subject-wise, I’d initially shoot stuff laying around the house, stuff I’d cook for dinner or I’d go up the block in the local park and get whatever wildlife you can get in a large city. I was really clumsy – but very eager to learn. I would go to New York at the photo+ exhibit to listen to the pros talk about their craft. I’d order books on post processing, food styling, lighting and portrait photography as well as fashion, cooking and art magazines – just learning about anything related to my interests in photography. I enrolled into a 14 months commercial photography course at Marsan college, after which I was asked to teach there before I moved to my current place. And I go to Lypses whenever I can to meet my peers and learn about their experiences. Oh yeah – and I shoot. Thousands and thousands of shots. I have such a backlog, you wouldn’t believe. Forces me to be more and more picky in my editing choices.

And so I made it to 3000 files on Istockphoto. Time to celebrate.. by uploading some more. I keep going. I just have to: I’m still learning a great deal, trying new tricks, pushing boundaries, honing my skills and hopefully producing more and more useful material. I travel and challenge myself constantly. In short, I’m having fun while working. Great deal.

Oh yeah – the featured photo. It’s from my trip to Switzerland last Fall and is the 3000th accepted photo. I’ve been churning out a good number of images from that trip in the past three weeks and I hope to be done with it before I leave for Paris next Friday. As if. Lol. Anyways. Enjoy the view!


3 thoughts on “I just made it to 3000 images on sale at Istockphoto!

  1. Merci Philippe. Je fais mon possible, et pour les ventes, on va espérer que IS fasse de son mieux aussi!
    Thanks Anna, it takes a lot of work to get there, but it’s so rewarding to get better and have increasing income as a result. Well worth it. Keep at it!

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