Featured Stock Photo – Elevator lobby background

Stock Photo - Elevator lobby background
Stock Photo – Elevator lobby background


This excellent background image got its first sale yesterday after a few weeks online, and thus lands a featured spot in here. This was shot right before I left for Montana — I took one day to walk around downtown Montreal shooting business backgrounds and remembering good times. I used to take these elevators, for instance, every day for years while I was working in the corporate world 10 years ago. Boy, am I glad I moved on. I haven’t yet used any of the backgrounds I shot that day for composites myself, as I’m busy enough with in-camera shots for a while. I put 3 more images taken that day online: a vertical bank lobby background, an escalator and an exterior urban business background. I photographed a nice number of images that day, so many more will be submitted eventually in between my other projects, especially if they become successful.


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