Featured Stock Photo – Phone Call on a Vacation Day

Stock Photo: Phone Call on Vacation Day
Stock Photo: Phone Call on Vacation Day

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Got a nice big fat sale on this one yesterday, bringing this shoot in the green after more than a year online for the first shots published. This one was accepted in April 2013, at the time when most of the shoot was processed. What you see here is a section of the photograph, which in its entirety is a wide panoramic shot. You can view the whole photograph here. The very slow sales from this shoot often had me wondering what went wrong and I think it boiled down to two things. First of all, I didn’t have a clear concept in mind. I knew I had a great model, some props and great locations, but, silly me, I just went off shooting portraits with no clear market in mind. That’s a no-no in stock photography. I did get some nice portraits, and some wacky scenes, but the intent isn’t clear on all of the shots. And then there’s the styling, which I’ve been told was outdated by a few editors. Well, as Willam would say, godammit. I guess from now on I have to stay on top of global trends or hire a stylist or avoid any clothes that look fashion-conscious. And keep the latest mobile phones at hand. Well, despite everything, I did get some nice material out of the day, and many lessons. And now that I’m starting to make some profits too, I can say that all in all, it was not a bad day.


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