Featured Stock Photo – Bald man emerging from cubicle

Stock Photo - Bald man emerging from cubicle
Stock Photo – Bald man emerging from cubicle

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Shot in March, during the City Beautiful 3 minilypse in Orlando, this was a bit tricky to get. As this was at the end of the day right before we were asked to give up all the models so we could each get 5 minutes with all of them to do group shots, I didn’t have time to set up the lights so I had to shoot with whatever was there. I placed Garry front and center to reflect the above neon on his head to help make the subject pop and asked all the models to stand still for a long exposure to compensate the lack of light. I really liked shooting Garry during those 3 days – he didn’t overplay it and made complex but compelling expressions. I went for this frame to avoid looking at the cubicles – which were all empty – and asked the models to look to the right with a careful, suspicious look. Are they hiding from their boss? Or from a crazy co-worker? Or from a restructuring agent chopping heads off? Hehe – up to you to see what you want. This shot finally sold on IStock this week after almost 5 months online. Crazy. It was way faster to sell on Getty Images. Just shows you…


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