Featured Stock Photo – Loch Garry in turbulent weather

Stock Photo - Loch Garry in turbulent weather
Stock Photo – Loch Garry in turbulent weather


First seller today, this colorful landscape from a series of very successful landscapes shot in Scotland. This is, I learned upon my return, the very specific most photographed spot in Scotland. As you drive along, it is indeed shockingly beautiful and one of the spots you just have to stop and snap a picture. As with other landscapes I did on that road trip, I had to do with the current weather since we were on a tight schedule. There was much color manipulation on that one since it really was overcast with just a hint of sun shining through and it was the first time I was attempting many of the techniques used here. That was before I started using Nik software though so post production was much longer than it needed to be. I remember slaving over this one for hours. I think I did a good job in the end, although you probably won’t see it in any anthology of my work.

You can view all of my photos from the UK trip in this lightbox on Istock, or in larger format in my photoshelter archives. As usual, links to purchase are below the photos on their respective pages.


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