Featured Stock Photo – Mature man visiting Old Montreal

Stock Photo - Mature man visiting Old Montreal
Stock Photo – Mature man visiting Old Montreal


Starting mid afternoon yesterday, I actually had a good day and so it seems something got fixed quickly over at Istock. As usual, I may have overreacted. We’ll see if it goes well for the rest of the week. I did enjoy my day off though and I should take them on a regular basis. It’s funny how I hadn’t realized that I’d been working 7 days a week for the past 4 months and that was making me quite edgy. So time off with the dogs outside was excellent. I want to thank all the people who liked the post yesterday. It was a relief to see that I wasn’t alone in my frustrations.

My first sale today is the image above, shot last Summer in Montreal. Yes, it is a composite. I had shot the model in front of a thick hedge for easy isolation, with his feet on asphalt to get the shadow (you can view one of this series here) and I shot the street separately during another shoot, focusing where I thought I would paste in the model. I gave it a slightly retro finish (which are actually quite en vogue these days) because unconsciously, I think, that’s what you expect from a subject like this. I’m quite happy with the results and the light matches quite well. It didn’t make it into Vetta, though. But who cares? It might sell better in the regular collection anyways.


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