Featured Stock Photo – Potluck Buffet

Stock Photo - Potluck Buffet
Stock Photo – Potluck Buffet


Well I finally got a sale: the first in 4 days. I haven’t see this in years. I had my best month ever in October, averaging 8-12 sales a day on week days and around 5 in the weekends, but despite all the present unfixed bugs at Istock, they felt the need to rethink the way keywords work, mess up indexing AND add the weirdest Best match algorithm yet, which considerably pushes down successful,expensive files and the majority of E+ to the very bottom of portfolios. So… I haven’t sold anything in 4 days and I’m extremely bitter about the situation. Do I trust they will fix this? I wish I did. But the more these things happen, the more I think they don’t know what they’re doing anymore. They appear to just be trying things out live without thinking that there are real people hanging in the balance. It feels like the site has become so complicated that the least of changes creates a domino-effect which they can’t foresee.

So I’m taking some time off. I’m definitely stopping uploading: indexing issues certainly make that decision easy. I also can’t stand looking at an unmoving balance. It’s the most disheartening thing after working hard all year and almost tripling my portfolio. I was making progress. But now, with a reckless pull of a switch, it’s all gone to hell. So I’ll be back if this gets fixed. Until then, I’ll go do something else.

Oh today’s photo: well it was shot quickly at a family reunion last summer. I really liked the salads made by my aunts and cousins. I did the brined roast beef which was also excellent. This is a simple shot, so there isn’t much to say about it. Anyhow, I’ve got to pull myself away from the computer and reconnect with real life. Have a great day everyone!


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