Featured Stock Photograph – Two friends texting in Urban Setting

Stock Photograph - Two friends texting in Urban Setting
Stock Photograph – Two friends texting in Urban Setting


So November arrives and this is the last whole month for me to reach my sales target, which is within reach, and get a 15% raise of my commissions for 2013. Normally this would be a piece of cake, but with the still unresolved issues at Istock, it will be a close one. December really being only a half month, I’ve got to make a push for it this month, and so I’ve decided part of my campaign will be to feature the first photo to sell on each day with some links to see related shots in Istock lightboxes and at Photoshelter. It will be fun to see what will pop here: some will be good ones and others will be downright embarrassing. I won’t cheat and I won’t censor. So, blog reader, go ahead and visit my portfolio each morning and pick the best or worst shot you see and I’ll have it posted here with comments on how the shot was made. Huge thanks in advance to anyone who buys a license for one of my photographs.

So let’s start today with the photograph above featuring a hip young couple interacting with a smart phone… a very standard subject for stock. This is a brand new shot uploaded in early October as I was packing for Switzerland. It is lifted off my Berlin Istockalypse photos, shot on the last day of the event during the prolific walkabout in Mitte. I was trying the new autofocus off of my Canon 5d Mk III and this was the last of a long series of continuous shots with the models walking towards me at good speed. The camera was still a bit slow, missing a third of the shots, but much faster than the Mk II to autofocus. And so I was glad to see this one, which really doesn’t look like an action shot. I had to reduce it before submission since it was a bit soft.

You can view all of my photos (so far) from the Berlin Istockalypse in this gallery on my photoselter archive: links to purchase are under the photos on their respective pages. To get to the photo pages, double click on the thumbnails.
Or you can go directly into my Berlin lifestyle lightbox to see my other work from that day.


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