Back from Switzerland

I came back safely from Switzerland and the Lenk Minilypse with some 100 gigs of new material… So probably around 150 shots suited for sale. Many of those are large panoramas, so it will be a slower post-production schedule than usual. The photos have already started appearing on Istock and will continue to steadily do so in the next few weeks.

What to expect? Well, before I get the releases, I’ll be working on…

Landscapes: The Alps! High mountain tops, verdant valleys dotted with farms and villages, rivers, lakes and falls in a variety of lights and levels of fog
Tourism shots: I quickly shot Lausanne, Lucerne, Montreux, Spiez and of course Lenk and the surrounding Bernese Oberland
Cows: with bells, decorations or just standing there, grazing in that extraordinary environment
Objects, rooms and details: Because sometimes just the settings and a few things lying there tell the story
Editorial: Unreleased local people living their Alpine lifestyle and photos of the towns and cities on which I just can’t be bothered to remove all the logos and brands or on which copyrighted art and buildings appear prominently. Those are very useful to illustrate the place as it is on blogs and articles.
Self Portraits: I did a whole series in Montreux. The view from my room was not to be believed.

After I get the releases (sometimes in November, I expect), get ready for…

Helicopters, inside and out
Traditional cheese making by local farmers
Alpine rescue team portraits
Promotional cheese images
Beautiful alpine houses
Romance in the mountains
Tourists having fun at the old farms
Tourists dealing with nasty weather
Tourists using their digital technology
Farmers decorating their cattle for the annual agricultural fair
A family of farmers leading their cows down to the fair
Photographers running for their lives trying to shoot the surprisingly fast cattle down steep mountain roads
Musicians playing traditional music

Things you won’t see:

Cheese fondue (sorry, it was too delicious.. I just had to eat it while it was hot)
Trains rushing through the landscapes (I was traveling on them)
My meals (those were sent to Instagram)
Me swearing at my Iphone. And it did happen a lot. What a piece of junk. At three years old, it’s already a derelict, erratic, capricious thing begging to be replaced.
Overpriced… everything. Particularly water, which is more expensive than beer in restaurants?!?! And watch out for the Waiter Death Stare if you dare ask for tap water.
Hotel rooms. Even with my wide-angle lens, they were too small to fit in the frame. Except my last one in Montreux: what a room, what a view!
Chocolate — I just didn’t see that much of it outside of the larger cities
Watches — They’re sold everywhere. I’ll do them some other time.

You can view my Switzerland photos as they appear on Istock in my portfolio (make sure you sort by File Age), or in larger format on my photoshelter site in the Switzerland 2012 gallery. Links to purchase are provided below the photos as usual, and with the new credit card method of payment on Istock it’s easier than ever to get your favorites for your own personal enjoyment.


3 thoughts on “Back from Switzerland

    1. Elles ne sont pas faciles à paufiner, malheureusement. La lumière est étrange dans les Alpes et le climat n’était pas génial. Mais j’en tirerai sûrement quelques-unes qui en vaudront la peine. À suivre!

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