Featured Stock Photograph – Elderly couple laughing at a newspaper article

Stock Photograph - Elderly couple laughing at a newspaper article
Stock Photograph – Elderly couple laughing at a newspaper article


I’m back at work on post production for the many, many shots I made at the 2012 Istockalypse in Berlin. This one just made Agency so I’m delighted to share it with you all today. Lovely work from the two models. They look so natural and intimate, it’s hard to think they only met each other a few hours prior. I was fortunate enough to work with them way beyond my allotted 20 minutes since strangely enough they were under-utilized after I did my time. Plus they kept hanging around me so I guess they liked my style. I’ll make a special lightbox for Ingrid once that feature returns on IStock.

It’s been 10 days since the big 2012 update introducing the cash sale on Istock. I’ve had a few of those and so it’s probably a good move on their part. Prices appear to be high, but of course it’s meant to show new buyers that they’d be better off buying credits and in doing so to come back to the site for further purchases. It’s all good marketing.

What’s not so good is the way the update was pushed without proper testing and quite a few unexpected bugs showed up. Reporting for contributors is now dodgy with cash sales and a large chunks of “views” not showing up in the latest sales screen and people have reported concern over bugs preventing people from completing sales. Some have also reported wrong commissions made on cash sales under a foreign (non US$) currency.

My top two ego-driven selfish concerns at the moment are these:

Bring back the Zoom function at once! My sales above medium size have decreased a great deal since this was taken away.

Bring back the lightbox option! Maybe they want to lead buyers to enjoy the new cart function… still, it’s not that practical.


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