Quebec, time to vote

Stock photo: Serious young man points to voting ballot
Stock photo: Serious young man points to voting ballot

So time to vote in Quebec. I’m glad the campaign is over. It tends to bring the worst in people. I’ve tried to stay away from commenting on so many infuriating comments I’ve read in Facebook. It’s becoming harder and harder to remember what democracy should be about: to choose the program that best answers our needs and beliefs. That’s it. If everybody does that today, we will all have done our best and no matter the results, we can sleep at night.

We are lucky we have 5 main parties to choose from. At the same time, we must remember that this is not a reality show where you vote out people based on what the news producers and print media want you to feel about the leaders. We must remember that this is not about hating someone so badly that you accept to vote for whoever the media tells you is about to beat them. THIS IS NOT ABOUT VOTING THE WAY THE MEDIA WANTS YOU TO VOTE. Remember that news are all about ratings and there’s nothing more appealing to them than to turn the politicians into evil soap opera characters and scare the bejesus out of everyone so that you keep watching in gleeful horror.

Strategic voting stems out of fear. That fear is manufactured by the media, so that you keep watching. It is all a big distracting entertainment machine. One that also makes sure that you don’t seriously contemplate voting for parties that would challenge the current order of power. So turn off the TV, go read the programs and make YOUR choice for yourselves. Forget your disdain or love of the leaders. You do not know them outside of the way the media has been editing them. They are people, complicated people, not the simple evil/good characters the news have made them out to be. Do not vote according to polls. Polls are nothing but legitimized propaganda. Propaganda is made to scare you into voting for a party you would not really care for out of fear that another ones goes in. The truth is that nobody knows how people will vote until the very last minute. Anything else, including taking some 30% of undecided respondents and distributing them left and right, is nothing but blatant manipulation. It makes the campaign into a reality show. Again, it is not. It is about democracy, not entertainment.

Here are the links to the programs of the parties. Vote with your conscience and intelligence. Vote as an individual. And most importantly: vote FOR something (out of hope), not AGAINST something else (out of fear). Your job will be done.

Québec Solidaire
Option Nationale
Parti québécois
parti libéral
Coalition avenir Québec


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