Featured Stock Photo – Businessman in the subway with tablet

Stock Photo - Businessman in the subway with tablet
Stock Photo – Businessman in the subway with tablet


Well this one looks like it might be a live one! Haven’t had a great seller in a while so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I uploaded the first five of this series before I moved last week (thus the silence on this blog) and already have 3 sales so it looks mighty promising. I shot over a thousand frames in the day so there will be plenty more coming over the next year. You can see them as they make it passed inspection in my Roody gallery on photoshelter with links to purchase at Istock below the photos, as usual. Poor Roody on this shoot had to juggle a bunch of work-related props I brought for the day (including the Ipad, which I finally got just to have as a prop in future shoots) to some funny results. He did a fantastic job and I think some shots might find some real success for us. Stay tuned!

So what’s new since I last blogged? Well, we moved to the country, to the very south of the Quebec province right at the border to Vermont in a fantastic small town called Sutton. You may remember I came here in 2010 to attend the Sutton-a-lypse for Istock and I liked it so much that, well, here I am. The foundations of our new house have been built and isolated, and next up, later this week, the pool will be built. We’re renting a lovely chalet in the woods nearby with a charming little brook flowing behind, to the greatest joy of our two dogs, who are, apparently, in paradise.

I’ve also booked my tickets to go to Lenk, Switzerland, next fall for another Lypse. This one will be more expensive than Berlin, but I do hope to capture enough great landscapes there to complete an exhibit which I hope to do locally to get some exposure in my new town. Aside from Lenk, I’ll shoot briefly in Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux and one more place TBD, possibly Fribourg.

Upcoming in the post-production pipeline: more (great) Autumn shots from the 2011 UK road trip, great Winter shots and a few Christmas-oriented images from my trip up north to Quebec City and Saguenay last December, a few current Summer photos of my new surroundings, the Eastern Townships (I even attended the Swiss National holiday festivities on Mount Sutton this weekend – got a handful of editorial images out of it), and of course a second batch of the Berlin Istockalypse 2012 photos in the later half of August. You can keep current on my newly accepted photographs by putting my New Images Gallery in your favorites and checking daily. You get to see the shots before they’re even integrated in the search Engine over at Istock.


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