Featured Stock Photo – Potsdamer Platz at Sunset

Editorial Stock Photo - Potsdamer Platz at Sunset
Editorial Stock Photo – Potsdamer Platz at Sunset


So I’m back and heavily into editing mode. I’ve shot over 2300 shots during the ‘Lypse and my present goal is to send 125 of the best over to Istock. There may be more, but since many times I have a dozen versions of the same concept, I think that’s a realistic goal. So what sticks with me today about the event?

* I felt welcome into a positive, caring community. All the art directors, organizers and staff were welcoming, helpful, generous and fun to be around with. Some of the photographers as well were great fun between the shoots.

* I’ve learned a LOT about good stock photography, knowledge that I think will forever change the way I shoot stock. The brainstorming event, the conference titled “think like an inspector” and suggestions from the staff during the shoots were all big, nice eye openers.

* This was well worth the investment, even if I did not sell a single shot, which would be surprising given the high quality of many of the photos I’m bringing back with me. I’m most likely to go to every ‘lypse from now on.

*Berlin, Berlin, Berlin! What a city. So effervescent with the will to become one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Such sights! And the vibe is so great, plus it’s (at the moment) quite affordable.

*Football events are huuuuge there. Hundreds of thousands of people in the streets all watching on screens of various sizes. The roars following a goal shake up the whole city, miles away.

* I totally discovered all I could do with the two lenses that I abused during the event – the 24mm T/S (with which I shot the above photo) and the 200m prime which I used on several of the shoots with models. I was afraid to use the later because of its lack of stabilization, but the quality of the images coming out of my new 5D mark III at high ISOs mean it’s alright to use it hand held at 1/400th, and so I shot comfortably with this little gem of a lens.

And so now I’ll just get back to editing with a big smile. So far, out of a dozen editorial submissions, 3 have been accepted with initial ratings and put in the editorial gems lightbox. Just saying – I only have had a couple of previous initial ratings in 4 years of submissions… Looking good!


5 thoughts on “Featured Stock Photo – Potsdamer Platz at Sunset

    1. Un peu plus tard cette semaine ou tôt la semaine prochaine? J’aimerais bien finir les éditoriales avant qu’ils envoient les releases. j’ai hâte de te conter tout ça!

  1. Moi aussi j’ai hâte de tout savoir! Je te propose donc un lunch jeudi midi? Ensuite je pars à la campagne et serais de retour mardi pm. Donc une option lunch possible pour mercredi!

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