Berlin Update

I apologize for not logging in sooner, but between covering the city, prepping concepts, shooting at the lypse and editing, i just haven’t found the time. You can all rest easy, I’m having a wonderful time shooting four 15 hours a day. I’m smitten with this extraordinary city. It is full of architectural wonders, the people are polite and efficient and there is a relaxed attitude that is highly communicative. The only downfall is food, but coming from Montreal, I’m rather spoiled… anyhow, I better go to bed now. I’m getting up in 6 hours for what I hope will be an equally productive day. Oh, and the Canon 5d mark III is an AWESOME camera.


One thought on “Berlin Update

  1. Hourra! Je suis contente que tu aimes ta nouvelle caméra! Et j’ai très hâte de voir les résultats! Je parlais justement de toi ce matin à mes élèves du Collège Marsan 🙂

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