Arrival in Berlin

Editorial Stock Photo - Brussels Grand Place
Editorial Stock Photo – Brussels Grand Place


It’s a good thing that I’m not a contestant on the amazing race… I would so have gone home after the day I’ve had. Let’s see: the plane to Brussels departed 30 minutes late, which in turn made me miss my transfer to Berlin, which meant I had to wait 6 hours at the airport til the next flight. So I took the train and went downtown to shoot a few pics (including the one above – no this is not Berlin lol). When I got on the train back to the airport, I sat there for 15 minutes before hearing that the train had been cancelled due to some mechanical failure. so I rushed through the train station to catch the next one so that I would not miss my plane. Once in Berlin, my taxi driver could not find the hotel, which is on a new street that does not yet show on GPS, and so we drove around for half an hour (he was kind enough to stop the meter) before finding it. All in all it took me more than 19 hours to get here. And although I missed my Saturday of exploring Berlin, I got to visit a bit of Brussels so I’m not mad at all.

My initial views of Berlin?

*Much, much bigger than expected. It’s like there are a dozen different downtowns.

*Much, much greener than expected

*Looks like a weird hybrid between Paris, New York and some scary communist nightmare

*People are very festive and drink everywhere

*I bought a weekly pass for the transit system but I have no clue how to validate it and nobody seems to care as I haven’t used it yet despite taking the train and the Ubahn repeatedly.

*I must be far up north… the sun sets past 10:30 PM and rises at 3 AM

*Despite having tried to learn as much of the language as I could in 6 weeks, I can’t understand a thing when people talk.

*Am I glad I brought my 24mm tilt shift lens. It does wonder at capturing the architecture!

*I’m horribly jet lagged, and I hope it will get better before tomorrow.

Anyhow, gotta go now for Brunch before I head to the flea market.



5 thoughts on “Arrival in Berlin

  1. Hello Nicolas!
    Wow! Quel périple! Mais très chouette photo de Bruxelles!
    J’espère que tu auras le temps d’écrire sur ton blogue, car j’ai bien hâte de savoir comment se passe le Lypse!!!
    Bisous de Montréal,

    1. je vais essayer, mais entre l’évènement, la planifiaction, le décallage horaire et la visite touristique, il me reste vraiment pas grand temps! La je pars pour la première journée de shooting. a bientot!

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