RIP Jeanne Roux McComber

Jeanne Roux McComber
Jeanne Roux McComber

At 97, my grandmother (here with my dad) passed yesterday after complications from an unfortunate fall at the hospital where she was being treated for a lung disorder. Even though we grew apart in the past few years, I keep a multitude of small, fond memories of my moments with her as I was growing up, especially of my visits to her Chateauguay house as a child which were always magical and full of love and discoveries. She will be greatly missed by her many surviving family members.


5 thoughts on “RIP Jeanne Roux McComber

  1. François Laplante

    Mes sympathies à l’occasion du décès de ta grand-mère. Effectivement quand elle demeurait à Chateauguay sa maison dégageait beaucoup d’atmosphère… Sympathies aussi à toute la famille McComber.

    François Laplante

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