Featured Stock Photograph – Rear View of a Black Athlete in Locker Room

Stock Photograph - Rear view of a black athlete in locker room
Stock Photograph – Rear view of a black athlete in locker room


As I’m preparing to leave for Berlin (in 10 days now) for the big Getty/Istock Istockalypse, I browsed back through my shots I did at the last lypse I attended in Sutton in order to, well look at the good and then look at what I should improve. One thing I remember: you have to think really fast and not get swamped with technical gear. I did most shoots in natural light in order to maximize the time I had with the models and the locations. Natural light can be really sweet such as on the shot above. In Berlin, both days of shooting will be done in a single location each, which may be a whole different story – more planning and set-ups, less moving around really fast to get a truckload of shots hoping that some will become successful. I got a brief today from the Getty art director I’ll be working with over there. Sounds very interesting, and I’ll be doing some research on family shots I should be hoping to get. We’ll have two parent couples, 4 kids and 2 seniors at our disposal and a large house. Day two will be work-related but we don’t have details yet. Anyhow, I think I’m gonna make a scrapbook with ideas of shots I’d like to do. At the same time, on the moment inspiration is often the best so I certainly won’t over prepare. And I’ve got to learn some German before I leave.


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