Featured Stock Photo – Happy dog in grass

Stock Photo - Happy dog in grass
Stock Photo – Happy dog in grass


Well I received my brand new Canon 5D mark III camera yesterday (after waiting for 7 weeks of back orders) and so, of course, I had to go out and test it, which I did right away in the park with my 2 dogs. One of the reasons I bought the camera was for the improved auto focus, and so I went shooting with my 200mm F2.8 lens and shot my dogs running one after the other, trying all six servo AF modes. Well, I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. When they come at the camera, the focus is always about 6 inches late (lots of clear bodies with blurred heads) and I was left wondering what I was doing wrong. There are lots of ways to tweak the AF so I’ll go back to the instruction booklet and find out how to make this work. Unless one of you can help out?
In the meantime, here’s Pirate with a broken branch, his trophy for the day, looking at me all happy. He managed to steal it from Bessie, who is much more the retriever type. Awww he’s coming into his own. *pride*


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