Featured Stock Photograph – Primal Scream

Stock Photograph - Primal Scream
Stock Photograph - Primal Scream


This one was of my first trials at a composite with my new techniques. Pretty rad! I was a bit bummed that out of the first 7 composites I submitted to Vetta this month, this was the only one that didn’t make it into the collection – I was bummed because I thought it seriously had the most sales potential amongst those 7. Well I showed it in the forums over there and this morning, while I was giving my last class at College Marsan, the decision was reversed and they’ve included it in Vetta after all. So Hurray! And I’m really happy to have found a type of image that they seem to be seeking: I previously had only 2 images out of 40 submits that made it into Vetta. And this month? 7 out of 9 so far made it in. My creative juices are flowing and all excited! Now let’s see if they sell. Best investments of the year so far? The Nik Software suite and the Kloskowski book on composites.
Oh and yes, you’ve see both the elements used in this shot featured here previously. The Screaming guy is this shot, and the background a section of this shot.


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