Featured Vetta Stock Photograph – Winter Heat

Stock Photograph - Winter Heat
Stock Photograph - Winter Heat


Here’s a first one of a series of composites I did to try and get a few shots into the super tight Vetta collection. For the past few months, I’ve been trying to send what I felt were my best straight photos I had, only to get refusal upon refusal (which isn’t all that bad since they end up in the regular collection and will probably sell better there). So I read a bit about the collection and found out that what they want is unique shots that look difficult and/or expensive to make. They want shots that look extraordinary. So, given my limited financial resources, I figured my best bet would be making composites. I’ve done them in the past, with not much success. They usually don’t look together, I mean some of them are downright embarrassing, or if they do, they end up looking quite realistic or ordinary. Not Vetta material. So now that I was armed with Nik Software to give a final oomph to the comps, I just needed to know how to make them better from scratch and so ordered the book Photoshop Compositing Secrets by Matt Kloskowski. Leafing through the book, I thought: “Great, I already know most of this stuff.” But then you read a little something here and there, a few tips you never thought of, and you try them, and it completely changes your workflow for the better. Using the average blur to unify the colors is a huge one for me. That alone was worth the price of the book. And I also quite enjoyed the process of making selections and shadows, and how to use layer effects to my advantage. So I got on my machine and did a dozen composites with old material that had never made it to the online publishing stage. This is one of them. So far the first three I submitted ALL went Vetta. Yep. I can’t believe it. Let’s see how the next 6 will do.


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