Featured Stock Photograph – Visiting Scotland

Stock Photograph - Visiting Scotland
Stock Photograph - Visiting Scotland


Hehe. Ok, so I rarely attempt humor in my work, but how else can you approach traveling halfway across the world and finally reaching that world famous 3 stars view only to find yourself in a wall of rain and fog? So I shot this, had a laugh, moved on… Not much of a downer really: weather in Scotland changes so quickly that we had some sunshine twenty minutes later. And then rain again. In any case, we soon found out that the play between the weather and the amazing scenery is visually as appealing as the sights themselves, and very much part of the charm of this magical part of the world. There are areas, such as Glen Coe that are actually much more striking in bad weather, so in a way we got very lucky.

This shot is my first sale this month. I’m happy to report that January was my best month ever in revenue, besting November by a few bucks. Very nice to still see some growth. Let’s try and meet the next royalty level in 2012. It is feasible too with some work. Big thanks, you guys. I’ll keep coming up with better material, too. Promise.

You can view more photos (and some new ones – I’m still submitting them on a regular basis) from my UK trip in this Istock lightbox or on my photoshelter archive site.

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