Featured Stock Photograph – Self Portrait on Holiday by the lake

Stock Photograph - Self Portrait on Holiday by the lake
Stock Photograph - Self Portrait on Holiday by the lake


I’ve recently submitted a series of self-portraits on Istock, a long overdue action, really. I don’t really like shooting self-portraits: they make everything much more difficult to achieve, especially on location. I must have attempted this one twenty times before I got something interesting. I had been in the country relaxing for a week or so with very little grooming and thought that my look would be a striking comment on getting off the working train and going back to nature, and just taking it easy. Well, someone read it as much more extreme than that, possibly checking out of life altogether: the photo is now used on the front page of Parlons Suicide (let’s talk about suicide), a site about suicide prevention. Personally, I would have kept the hair in the montage, but that’s besides the point. I’m quite touched by this, especially if it helps even saving a life. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life, and although I’m very much a moving forward, pick yourself up, figure it out, make the changes you need and have faith that something exactly suitable is just around the corner kind of person, I have, on occasions, thought of ending it all and even wrote a song about it back in the days. It’s quite the ultimate ego trip, suicide, when you think about it. Taking yourself out of the equation (at least from our sense of reality) with no regards to the impact on the rest of world, no regards to the love and the experience that lays ahead, and the sharing of which can impact the future of many people in several unknown butterfly effects. Thinking that one’s point of view at a difficult time is the only accurate, worthy reading of reality and that it demands final action. Yes, it is very much the opposite of humility and openness. Quite the ego gone wild. This of course is one point of view, mine, today, as I more and more learn to appreciate the many blessings that make up my every day and try to believe that I’m worthy of receiving and then giving away positive energies. It’s a long process, and in my case, with many failures along the way every time I meet certain people in my family, but now I see these encounters as opportunities of growth and stepping stones towards a better sense of empathy and forgiveness. Oh well, it is not in my habit to get all philosophical about things on this blog, so I’ll head back to real life. Some of my goals today: making the best chocolate cake ever, getting rid of an old table that sits in the garage, and trying to figure out and retouch something that apparently causes a copyright or privacy infringement in a New-York City skyline. And I bet you I’ll have fun doing all three 🙂

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