New Vetta Istock Photo – Happy dog in Golden Field

Stock Photograph - Happy dog in Golden Field
Stock Photograph - Happy dog in Golden Field


Boy, is it ever hard to get a shot through into Vetta these days! Which is why it is always worth a small celebration when one gets accepted into that collection. This one made it yesterday night, after a long process: it was initially rejected for overuse of noise reduction – after which I added a tiny bit of noise all over, and voilà, everyone is happy! Pirate certainly is. The puppy seen here is in his very first discovery of a wild field in June. He was 4 months old at the time. I remember attempting shooting this many times that evening. Autofocus on moving subjects is NOT my Camera’s forte. But it finally worked, and right at the best place with such lovely back lighting from the sunset. For those interested, I’m still going through my back ups to see if I’ve missed some great shots (such as this one) during my initial rounds of post production, and thus many new shots from old shoots will appear in my portfolio during the next few weeks.

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