Featured Stock Photograph: Security Camera

Stock Photograph: Security Camera
Stock Photograph: Security Camera


Ok I admit that I’m under the charm of the Nik Software plugins. They’re addictive. It’s my new toy. They can make ordinary into extraordinary. I’ve been dabbling with them for a week now, mostly on beach photos I’ve shot years ago (you know, doing backups and coming across photos I’d ignored previously) and I’m very impressed. Once you’ve put together a sensible workflow you can get rid of almost any problem (I still wish there was something in there against chromatic aberrations) and give the shots that extra push into wowness. The above shot is quite eye-catching now, but was initially a gray mess and a noise fest (underexposed 2000 ISO) and look at it now… It even passed inspection. So I had fun all week adding colors and effects galore, all the time thinking I would get a ton of rejections for overfiltering – I’ve always been so careful to make the photos look as natural as possible – but out of 20 submits, I only got 2 rejections for artifacts and they were oversights from my part. So I’m gonna buy them today. Or maybe tomorrow. Maybe they’ll send me a rebate by email now that my trial is over…

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