Featured Stock Photograph: Winding trail in Snowdonia

Stock Photograph: Winding trail in Snowdonia
Stock Photograph: Winding trail in Snowdonia


Wales, England and Scotland Stock Photo Gallery
This is the landscape I chose for the book cover of my Uk trip collection I’ve just finished. I feel strangely empty today, having finished all the finicky work of post production I started 10 weeks ago. At the end of it I had over 250 photos to choose from (many of which have not yet been made available at Istock), 92 of which made the book which will be huge: 15″ X 10″ that opens to 30″ X 10″ without any page gutters so that the panoramic shots look their best. The first copy (and perhaps more later) is done by Asuka books, with the Zen Hardcover format, and I can’t wait to see the result.

So now that this chapter is over, I’m settling into the winter mood and shooting models again. I’ve met a great new face over the weekend, and his photos will appear as soon as Istock fixes their new-photos-head-straight-to-limbo bug that prevents new shots from showing up in the search engine. Judging from past history, there’s nothing worse than that bug to kill good shots before they even have a chance. On the upside, the stalemate on the search engine means that the bulk of the hundreds of new shots I’ve sent in October and November will stay near the top as long as there is no update, which is really good for me. Who says bugs are never in a contributor’s favor? After the incredible November I’ve had (I’ve tripled my revenues compared to November 2010), I’m secretly very happy about this 🙂

So off I go… I guess I’ll start post production on Jon’s photos and queue them up in Deep Meta until January comes.


2 thoughts on “Featured Stock Photograph: Winding trail in Snowdonia

  1. Congratulations on the istock bug, than :)) As long as it works for you…I was wondering how going exclusive on istock has showed in sales , now I got my question answered, thank you. It sounds all great so far, and the right decision for you. Good luck.Thumbs up 🙂

    1. I didn’t comment on exclusivity because I didn’t want to rush my verdict. It seems there are a lot of ups and downs. November was a big up for me (revenues were twice what I made in August, my last month as a non-exclusive) but October and September were relatively at the same level in revenues as being non exclusive. I had an increase in number of sales at Istock of about 80% – not quite double – but where it goes nuts is the revenue per sale which adds up big time at the end of the month. If I compare just the revenues of Istock, I made close to SEVEN times more in $$ compared to November 2010. So far so good as they say. December has started slowly so I’ll probably end up at October levels, given that the last week will be dead sales-wise.

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