Featured Stock Photograph: Winter in a Montreal park

Stock Photograph: Winter in a Montreal park
Stock Photograph: Winter in a Montreal park


Well it’s official: the dogs are bursting with joy, the Tempo plastic tents are growing like mad fungi in entry ways all over town, automobiles are swerving left and right on the icy streets and pedestrians in their running shoes step forward on street corners into feet-deep slush in a dire reminder that yes, winter is back. First heavy snow on Montreal today. And although I should be out shooting all of these things, I’m still working on my photo books which I’m hoping will be completed in time for New Year’s. I’m working with the new Kate Bush CD “50 words for snow” in the background, a cd with no immediate melodic hook that runs for over an hour … a mesmerizing hour if you give it a chance. I don’t think anyone else would so aptly capture a season in music. I wouldn’t say pop music though… It’s more of a hybrid of light contemporary classical music with hypnotic melodic lines blown like snow in the breeze, with a warmth to it that breathes of love. Something that the current somewhat violent musical landscape desperately needs more of. Quite perfect to work with on a day like this.

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