UK Road Trip day 14: Loch Ness and Aviemore

Loch Ness Panorama on a sunny day
Loch Ness Panorama on a sunny day


Our first day of solid sunshine made today quite different. My hunch is that in many cases, the land is more interesting under foul weather. So today we went east, before we head south towards the airport in the next few days. We stopped at the Loch Ness, because, well, I expect we fell for clever marketing like so many others. Coming out of the great solitude and empty wilderness areas of the past few days into herds of tourists stopping by the bus loads to see… well, a lake surrounded by an evergreen forest and museums about a made-up monster was bewildering. We stopped briefly. After all, in Quebec, we see plenty of lakes surrounded by evergreen forests. And this one is extraordinarily long but curved, so you can’t actually see the whole of it. We then crossed Inverness (didn’t stop as the traffic was getting heavy) and drove through to Aviemore. We’re staying at a Hilton (and like the Marriott, they are charging extra to use the internet but at least it’s wifi) and although the scenery is nice, it feels, again, very close to home and not very inspiring to shoot, and so we stayed in and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. In retrospect, not a jaw-dropping day. But then, we’re totally spoiled by now, having seen all we have in the past 2 weeks…


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