UK Road Trip day 10: Tweed Valley to Loch Lomond

Country House near Edinburgh
Country House near Edinburgh


Sunny weather all day was, along with the magical scenery, the highlight of the day. The Tweed Valley is a succession of awesome scenery, charming villages with unfortunate road directions (we went round and round looking for a specific road in a small village that had one missing crucial road sign), and more ruins. We finally found a good store of hand made wool clothes made in Scotland, thanks to the directions of a kind man in a tourist office. We got scarves, sweaters, a tuque, a cardigan… lots of cool stuff. One quick stop at Rosslyn (very disappointing as with most of the 3 stars Michelin attractions we stopped for – I’m really done with those guides), which is nothing like what we saw in the DaVinci code, and then we hit the highway to Loch Lomond and the fabulous Cameron House hotel. Easily the best room we’ve had so far. Too bad that the grill restaurant was seriously challenged in both food (boring, salty-sweet American corporate food for about 40 pounds per person before wine — sorry, but that just doesn’t measure up) and service (stranded tables left to themselves for much too long, evasive waiters who look too busy to actually tend to the tables during courses) otherwise we’d come back to this place for a longer stay. After this meal, not so sure. So ups and downs, the day went as we drove through the hills…

2 thoughts on “UK Road Trip day 10: Tweed Valley to Loch Lomond

    1. Thanks 🙂 we actually turned around and drove back to that spot just to shoot this photograph. I also did a wide panoramic shot of the valley that I’ll edit when I come back. Stay tuned! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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