UK Road Trip Day 9: Northumberland and Tweed Valley

Lindisfarne Castle
Lindisfarne Castle


What a wonderful day we’ve had! Scotland promises to be so amazing. Just our very few miles in the Tweed Valley had us gushing left and right in awe (and stopping every 10 minutes to shoot – I added over 125 photos today to my tally of over 1200 so far). We were lucky in our weather, getting sun at every location and rain, sometimes torrential, in between. Landscapes are amazing.

And the above picture is lifted from our visit to Holy Island, where the Lindisfarne Castle rises Like a small Mont Saint-Michel. We has the strongest winds too… I had to shoot at 500th of a second WITH a tripod to get clear shots with my 200 mm. It was insane. Ben did not climb up to the castle, he would have gone down for sure: I almost lose ground myself when I came out of it. Wonderful destination though, very different from what we’ve seen this far.

We’re staying at the Dryburgh Abbey tonight and had once again a great meal. Good times 🙂


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