UK road trip day 5: Carmarthenshire to Cardiff

Neath Abbey
Neath Abbey


Did you know that British cars had automatic windshield wipers? They actually adapt to the amount of rain that falls. And as I’ve said yesterday, the amount of downpour changes dramatically from minute to minute. And today, it was a matter of looking up and predicting when there would be sun, or rain, and how long and hard it would fall. And I’ve gotten pretty good at it. In several occasions today, I found myself at the right place and with the right lens, ready to exploit the precious minutes of sunshine I could get. So I have sunny shots in Tenby, in Kidwelly, in Neath and in Cardiff, where we’re spending the week-end. And we were on the M4 while it rained the hardest, so all is well.

Of all the nice things I saw today (and it wasn’t the best – the south coast is resolutely industrial and not so much aware of the looks of their environment as their northern Wales counterpart), the most surprising and entertaining was sitting at Brown’s having dinner tonight and looking at the local crowd moving from bar to bar in their Saturday night ritual. The people are strikingly different here: guys are stocky and surprisingly built and walk in tight t-shirts and shirts while women are walking around in 5 inch heels with colorful, tight mini skirts and sleeveless dresses and tops… in a cool, damp and windy 12 degrees weather. Wtf? lol. and talk about crazy hair cuts and hair coloring! We’re never gonna look at Little Britain the same way. It’s actually much closer to the reality here than we thought initially. Fascinating!

Tomorrow is all about shopping and taking it easy 🙂


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