UK Road Trip day 4: from Snowdonia to Pembrokeshire

Stock Photograph: Afon Mawddach near Barmouth
Stock Photograph: Afon Mawddach near Barmouth


So we drove a lot today. We took some time in Harlech, Barmouth and Lampeter, and saw some a-ma-zing landscape again crossing the Ceredigion area. We didn’t do at all what was initially planned. First off, the weather is constantly changing at an incredible pace, going from quick, torrential rain, to sunny, then back again, then both at once… totally confusing. Then, the timing between places as calculated by Google maps is entirely wrong and we quickly realized that the 4 hours planned would actually be closer to 7 and so we decided to completely skip Cardigan and the north coast of the Pembrokeshire to cut inland through the fastest route to Tenby (our current Pitstop) on ridiculously small country roads. But what sights we had! This country is so beautiful. Well organized and.. proper (for lack of other words)… yet it still looks natural and respectful of the environment. And so pretty.

The photo above, and I apologize if panoramic shots look crappy on this blog, was shot on a railroad bridge crossing a grandiose bay minutes from Barmouth, a beautiful village built on a cliff, which I couldn’t photograph for lack of proper distance (I didn’t have the time to look for a boat or a helicopter :-P). Still I’d love to go back someday. So this was in the overcast section of the day, right before a sunny respite which was quickly replaced by an outburst of rain of epic proportion. And on and on. lol. Did I mention how strikingly green the grass and trees are? Neon green. No joke. I’ve never seen such a green in America. Now I know why, if today’s weather is more or less normal for this area.

So, a warm bath, a short night, and then we head East, after looking at Tenby a bit in the morning.


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