UK Road Trip day 2: North Wales to Conwy

Rhuddlan Castle on a moody September afternoon
Rhuddlan Castle on a moody September afternoon


We’re charmed! This is a fantastic spot to visit… Once you get the hang of the roundabouts and strange road signs. The weather is ever changing, but we seem to get sun from late afternoon onwards.

So today we left Chester at 10, after I went for a photo hunt at dawn while the town was still asleep, and ended up completely missing the highway we were supposed to get on. As a result, we drove on the back roads through splendid small villages and farm land. We ended up in unpronounceable places and awesome views of the North Wales coast and its huge electricity turbines planted deep in the Irish sea.

The above shot is of the first castle we drove to see, Rhuddlan, and it’s blown up walls due to heavy civil war damage. Not sure which civil war they’re referring to, but it’s an interesting sight. By the way, I have to say that the people are just lovely here, despite all the hardships.

We went on to Conwy for our second castle pit stop, and what a sight. Lovely village and bay as well. The sun greeted us there and illuminated the wonderful scenery on the way to our hotel in an old abbey. It smells wonderful in here and I’m sure the food will be excellent.

In fact, down I go to the restaurant right now.

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